Amazing Fact and Benefits of Lime Juice

Benefits of Lime Juice

Here are five amazing facts about lemonade and the Benefits of Lime Juice.

Good for women’s health.

  • It contains calcium and folate, two important nutrients for post menopausal women and adult women who can give birth. One fresh lemon contains 22 milligrams of calcium and more than five micrograms of folate.

Lime skin can fight skin aging.

  • Citrus fruit skins contain inhibitors of melanin production. With increased age and exposure to UV rays, melanin that gives pigment on your skin will act to build and cause spots on your skin. Treating the skin by making a mask with lemon peel in it can reduce this hyperpigmentation.


  • Limonoid compounds in lemon have been shown to prevent colon, stomach and blood cancer. Although the exact mechanism is unknown, scientists have found that antioxidants in lime can also lead to death of cancer cells. Citrus water also remains active in your bloodstream longer and is able to get rid of more free radicals than green tea or dark chocolate.

Prevent kidney stone formation.

  • Whether from fresh or concentrated juice, lemon juice contains more citric acid. Citric acid is the natural calcium-based stone retardant that results from crystalline calcium. Take fresh lemon juice squeezed into water for maximum benefit.

Lower cholesterol.

  • Flavonoids found in lemon known as hesperidin, have been shown to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride. Get the best hesperidin from this lime juice. White lime on lime also has high fiber and nourishment.

Home Grown Lime Juice, Freshly Squeezed

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Homegrown, fresh squeezed Lime Juice! Yes when the limes are yellow, they’re more juicer, easier to squeeze than when they’re still Green. Below is the tips on how you can get the most of out the lime: 

Tip 1: Use a reamer or other citrus juicer.
Whether you use a simple wooden reamer, a hand juicer or a citrus squeezer, some sort of gadget will help you get more juice than using your hands alone.

Tip 2: Stick it in the microwave.
A good 20 to 30 seconds on high helps the citrus juice flow more easily, especially if you’re taking the fruit straight from the fridge. After microwaving, let it cool for a minute before juicing.

Tip 3: Roll it against the counter.
Rolling helps to burst open some of the individual segments inside limes and lemons so it’s easier to get at the juice. It’s like pre-juicing!

Tip 4: Cut it lengthwise.
Although this doesn’t extract more juice if you’re using a reamer or juicer, cutting the fruit lengthwise instead of crosswise makes it easier to grip and squeeze if you are juicing with your hands alone. Cutting a little off center also helps to cut through some of the section membranes.

Tip 5: Use a fork.
If all else fails and you’re convinced there’s still juice to be had, try twisting the citrus segment around a fork. The tines will help to break open any remaining bits of pulp.

What other tricks do you have for getting the most juice out of limes and lemons? Well, always remember when lives give you lemons, you can always turn it to lemonade and enjoy the happiness out of it.