The Surpising Health Benefits of Grass Jelly You Must Know

Grass jelly, or leaf jelly, is a jelly-like dessert eaten in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan. It is made using the Platostoma palustre plant (a member of the mint family) and has a mild, slightly bitter taste. It is served chilled, with other toppings such as fruit, or in bubble tea or other drinks. Outside Asia, it is sold in Asian supermarkets. Lets mynutrisi talk about the benefits of grass jelly.

Benefits of Grass Jelly Despite of Its Smoothness

Grass Jelly or better known as Black cincau  is very beneficial to our health. Here are some health benefits of Black Grass Jelly:

  • Maintain digestive system in order to function properly.
  • Cool down the body temperature
  • Can overcome constipation problems
  • Relieves abdominal bloating
  • Relieve diarrhea
  • Treating high blood pressure
  • Relieve cough
  • Prevent tumors and cancer
  • Can absorb the sugar in the body, well suited for diabetics
  • Can lower blood pressure for cardiovascular-related diseases such as heart disease or high blood pressure.
  • Good food for people which is in a diet program

So now, what are you waiting anymore? Lets take a cup of grass jelly for your health.

How to Make the Best Grass Jelly

A traditional Taiwanese dessert, Grass Jelly (仙草) is refreshing and cooling. Sometimes it’s used as an add-in for Bubble Tea drinks, but today I’m going to show you a simple and easy way to make this as a chilled dessert. This is the best Grass Jelly for Desert recipe by Helen’s Recipes (Vietnamese Food)

Special Recipes of Delicious Grass Jelly : 


  • 50g grass jelly powder
  • 60g sugar (1/4 cup)
  • 900ml water
  • Crushed rice
  • Optional: sugar syrup, jasmine extract, coconut sauce, soy milk etc.