The Surprising Health Benefits of Parsley You Will Wonder

the suprising health benefits of parsley

Parsley is an herb that originated in the Mediterranean region of southern Italy, Algeria, and Tunisia. This herb is known scientifically as Petroselinum hortense and Petroselinum crispum, and it belongs to the family Apiaceae. It has been cultivated by man for more than 2,000 years and was highly regarded in Greek culture since it was used in various ceremonies. Lets mynutrisi talk about the benefits of Parsley.

Benefits of Parsley Leaves Despite of Its Multipurpose Use

Get rid of bad breath
Leaf soup or parsley is useful for removing bad breath. This is due to soup leaves which have high chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll helps in neutralizing bad mouth odor.

Parsley has high iron content. Additional Vitamin C will helps to absorb iron more efficiently.Young girls especially those who have problems with iron deficiency is most recommended to eat it.

Prevent Leukemia and cancer
Parsley contains apigenin flavonoids. Apigenins are found in fruits and vegetables and have been found to  stop the growth of two types of cells that cause leukemia. Flavonoids are antioxidants that prevent damage to the body caused by oxygen molecules. The dietitian hopes that it can help prevent leukemia completely. Parsley also neutralizes other chemicals that can cause cancer.

Benefits of vitamins from soup leaves
It is also good to fight ear infections and other hearing problems.
Parsley provides Vitamin K which helps the body with blood clotting problems.
It provides antioxidant Vitamin A and C and helps prevent premature aging of the body.
The pellets contain 3 times Vitamin C like orange. The leaves contain Vitamin C from any other vegetable.
Vitamin A and C are also anti-infectious agents.
Use it for insect bites and it can help swelling and itching bites.

Benefits for your bones
Pasli is also a good source of potassium and calcium. Potassium is necessary for the life of all cells. Calcium is needed for strong bones, especially for those with osteoporosis.

Do not Eat Too Much

  1. If you are pregnant, do not eat in large quantities, as it can cause contraction.
  2. If you have kidney stones in the past, do not eat too much parsley as these plants are high in oxalates that can cause other episodes.

The whole parsley is a very healthy supplement for your diet. It is popular in potato and soup dishes. You can start adding more of these leaves in your diet for your health benefits.

How to Make the Best Homemade Parsley Juice

Ever wonder how to lose weight fast and healthy Way? Parsley juice is a perfect answer for this question! This weight loss juice recipe video shows how to make Parsley Juice in Telugu with English subtitles. Parsley Juice is not only good for weight loss, but also good for kidney cleansing and liver detoxifying. If you want to lose weight in healthy way, take this Parsley juice regularly. Drink this juice 30 minutes before main meal at least for a month to see the result. . This is the best Parsley Juice recipe by Attamma TV


Special Recipes of Weight Loss Juice By using Parsley : 


  1. A Handful Of Parsley leaves
  2. Lemon
  3. Honey – 1 tbsp


  1. Chop the parsley leaves and remove the stem
  2. Cut the lemon into half and removes seed
  3. Take a mixer and put the chopped parsley in it
  4. Squeeze all the lemon to extract its juice
  5. add in 2 cup of water and honey into the mixer
  6. Blend for 2 minutes
  7. Serve and enjoy!