The Surprising Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) You Must Know


Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is known for its nice fragrance, taste, antioxidants, medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), and vitamins, among other things. Coconut oil is certainly not an unfamiliar name, but VCO might be.  VCO is the oil extracted from coconuts without the application of heat. It is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world of medication and beauty industry because of the comparison with another oil for good reason. Although of that, we must take caution step because many industry in the world make a regular coconut oil but put name “virgin coconut oil” in their product. The VCO and coconut oil very different in health terms.

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil Despite of Its Superb Smell

1. Keep You Healthy and Slim

You can help boost and regulate your metabolism to keep your weight under control with this wonder oil.

2. Support Your Immune System

Organic coconut oil is jam-packed with lauric acid, the immune supporting nutrient.

3. Promote Heart Health

Packed full of healthy fats that are good for your heart, organic coconut oil is a great addition to your daily diet.

4. Give You Instant Energy

Organic coconut oil can help you feel less fatigued and require less sleep by stimulating your metabolism. It can also enhance athletic performance.

5. Support Healthy Thyroid Function

Organic coconut oil helps to stimulate the activity and proper functioning of this important gland which provides energy, supports the health of your skin and metabolism, and keeps your moods in balance.

6. Help Keep Your Skin Youthful, Smooth & Healthy Looking

Using organic virgin coconut oil as a lotion will help improve your skin, hair, and nails due to its moisturizing and smoothing effects that also promote elasticity.

7. Increase Cell Regeneration

When your metabolic rate increases, your cell regeneration speeds up, too. This means that your body will more quickly replace old cells with newer, healthier cells.

8. Promote Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Bacterial Activity

Teeming with lauric acid, organic coconut oil possesses abundant natural agents that may reduce fungus, bacteria and the viruses that cause influenza, herpes, and other illnesses.

9. Improve Insulin Secretion

This helps to better utilize glucose to balance insulin output which can help relieve the symptoms and reduce the health risks associated with diabetes.

10. Protect Your Body from Disease

Organic coconut oil may help protect your body from cell damaging free radicals.

With consistent of consuming and using it in the right ways, the positive effect can be in maximum benefit.

How to Make the Best Quality of Virgin Coconut Oil

The best way to make Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in using free heat and free chemical. It is bacause the different between VCO and another oil in free heat and free chemical. In this case the VCO will remain natural healthy without adding any heat that can destroy good nutrition in VCO andd without adding unnecessary thing that can harm our body. Some company maybe adding any enzyme such as glucose to fast the process of fermentation but in another side, the VCO will not be a natural VCO and the quality may drop.

Procedure To Make High Quality Virgin Coconut Oil: 

Tools and Materials

  • Container
  • Coconut Milk (fresh)
  • Ladle
  • Filter Paper
  • Bottle
  • Funnel


  1. Put the fresh coconut milk to the container. Make sure the coconut milk was made less than 3 hour. Because we need the active microbial to do some anaerobic respiration to extract oil from the coconut cream during fermentation.
  2. Left the container for at least 20 hours.
  3. The liquid in container will be 3 layer. The lowest layer is water; middle layer is Virgin Coconut Oil; Upper layer is coconut cream.
  4. Take the filter paper and put in in the funnel. Then, put the funnel above the bottle. It used to filter the VCO.
  5. Take the VCO using ladle and filter it using tool that you make in step 4. Be caution to not take the water or your filter tunnel will be broken and the VCO will mix with water.
  6. You have made VCO!


  4. Ahmad Mustaqim, Virgin Coconut Oil expert.